aya Vacation Rental

Check before your trip! Must bring 7 items


Although disposable toothbrushes and toothpaste sets are available in the facility, toothpastes are small, disposable sizes.
Please bring or buy one by yourself for long term stay:)










We offer slippers at our facility, but please bring your own if you feel uncomfortable to use public slippers.  There are disposable slippers (at some facilities), but their materials are inferior to cloth slippers (^ ^;




③Facial wash & Skin Care Items

Must items especially for ladies:)! Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body soap are available at our houses, but there is no cleanser available !!!!

If you forget them, please buy (..)






④Adapter & Charger

Welcome to Japan ladies and gentlemen♬ But are you aware of how many bolt are your electrical products??

We do not offer either an adapter nor a charger at our houses as some guests have mistakenly broght back home.

Please do not forget to bring from your home!




We do have some for you (1~2 or each person), but they may not be enough especially for a big group.





⑥Towels (Bath towels and Face towels)

This is something different from hotels! Each person will be provided 1 bath&face towel each. 

Laundry machine, detergent, and hangers are available, so please wash & dry them as you do at home. Or please bring some more towels by yourself.

(At some houses Clothes Dryer is avilable )





⑦Masks & Lips for the prevention from dry cough

In the room may be dry because of AC. You might want to prepare these items if you are sensitive to dryness. 




Just let you know, these are common and well-known effective ways to moist the room:)

Hang a wet towel nearby the AC or set a cup of water beside the bed.





Thank you for reading until the end! Hoe was it??

I hope all of the information is useful for your preparation for your journey!

If you have more question, please feel free to ask us:)

Thank you and see you soon~:)