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(日本語) 【アクティビティ紹介】そば打ち体験

Have you heard of Soba??


Soba is one of the representative Japanese healthy food. It’s been an age since it’s loved by many Japanese on a special occasion as well as our daily life.

The unique and elegant flavor spreads in your mouth. In summer we enjoy cold soba and in winter hot soba.


So, now, have you ever watched a video that a man excels at stretching the dough and cutting it into the thin stick, whose width is exactly the same like work of art.

Isn’t it cool if you can try that? Why not do it with us!


First of all, in order to fake yourself like a professional Soba craftsman, yes, we must need a costume(This is free, of course)

They will tell you how to make from the dough 

This part is much more difficult than it looks….

Make the dough thinner… this hand-stretching process is very important.

Now the cutting part!! The moment when your face would turn into a serious one!!

Crap…I know I’m messed up. Ugh. (It’s ok. We gotcha.)

Put it in a container and yay! We are done!



Wait a minute. I’m in craftsman cosplay and have been through all of the processes…and I’m kind of hungry and now what??

They welcome you to dine in!!

(Availability subject to the daily schedule)


Your cherished Soba will be boiled in a huge traditional type of pot and beautifully served with Wasabi beside.    


Now it’s ready! Make noise as loud as you can while sucking:)


The quality of Soba is 100% guaranteed.

The restaurant has steadily received high reputation by famous Japanese people on TV etc,. 

After all, this is the most recommended activity we ever have so far!


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Second generation of Soba “Ihori”.

Since he was a little he’s been in love with Soba. 

He had cumulated training not only in Japan but also in Singapore and Malaysia.

He might look serious, but you will find out how friendly he is as you enjoy experiencing Soba making together♪


Price 5000yen
Time 2 hours
Address 1 Chome, Chodo, Higashiosaka
Access Kintetsu Line “Fuse” station 7 minutes walk
Dine in(After 15:00) Adult: 1000yen/Kids:500yen(Under 12)
Advance Reservation Flexible
Notice NOT suitable for those who have allergy to Soba and wheat flour